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pr4.jpg (20041 bytes)Selangor Rubber Factory has achieved regional standing with its range of quality down-stream products in various applications. Each product range has been conceived and produced by Selangor Rubber Factory to meet exacting standards of quality.
Selangor Rubber Factory has, over the years, developed the following range of products that have achieved regional and domestic acclaim. The following products are backed up with Selangor Rubber Factory's highly capable R&D facilities and manufacturing resources.
pr2.jpg (15056 bytes)pr1.jpg (16873 bytes) 1) Pipe Seals, Industrial & Engineering
2) PU, Viton & Silicon Products
3) Technical products made from EPDM,
    SBR, CR & Hypalon
4) Natural & Synthetic Rubber in colour
    and black
5) Weatherstrips & Sponges
6) Rubber to metal bonding applications
7) Plastic Injection & Extruded Products
pr3.jpg (14757 bytes)Environmental Manufacturing Quality
Because of the inherent link to the community via its products, Selangor Rubber Factory pursues an on-going policy that focuses on environmental protection and safety. The company has garnered approvals that meet international standards for rubber products that are certified safe for use in potable water. Selangor Rubber Factory has also achieved approvals for its range of Natural Rubber, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone and Fluoroelastomer compounds and downstream products in a range of hardness levels.
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